About Us

Zib-Pol Pigeon Supplies

We warmly welcome you to Zib-Pol Pigeon Supplies, the retailer of accessories necessary with professional and amateur pigeons and ornamental birds breeding. Our company started in 2015 and as pigeon fanciers with more than twenty years, we have gained experience which allows us to choose products of the highest quality, highly valued by breeders in the UK and abroad. The brand of our accessories is highly regarded in the whole world thanks to our cooperation with the best known companies from All over Europe Great Britain, the USA and Russia. A wide range of products made on the basis of our own breeding experiance, created with bred birds and breeder´ comfort in mind includes products like:
- Grit Pots
 - Perches
- Nest bowls
- Plastic Rings
- Fake Pot Eggs
- Bands and tags
- Plastic Drinkers
- Plastic Grills & Grates